Sunday, October 30, 2011

Chelsea 3 - 5 Arsenal


Well well well. I expected a high-scoring game but 8 goals, really? Both teams didn't not play particularly well. Scrappy passing and quick counter attack resulted in the goals. 

Like I have said earlier in the previous post, Robin Van Persie is currently having the form of his life, and he simply can't stop scoring at the moment. I am pretty impressed with Theo Walcott, and it seems like the young boy have grown up. His passing, crossing, shooting and decision-making have all but improved. The Gunner's defence worked pretty well except for Per Mertasacker, who is quite slow compared to the fast paced English Premier League. He might need a couple more games or maybe a season to get used to the pace of the game. Alex Song, in my opinion is the backbone of Arsenal. He is the one winning the challenges, making the tackles and then feeding them to Mikel Arteta, Aaron Remsey, Gervinho or Theo Walcott to start the attack. He is the most consistant player in the Arsenal side so far. 

In the blue corner, the ageing Chelsea. John Terry despite scoring a goal, slipped when receiving a back pass from Florent Malouda's back pass, allowing Van Persie to simply round Petre Cech to make the score 4-3. John Terry doesn't look like the player he used to be 2-3 years ago. Is it time's up for him ? I was pretty disappointed with Ashley Cole in left back because is that what you expect from a England International player? Making silly mistakes and poor decisions. Theo Walcott totally rampaged over Cole in the game. Frank Lampard is still running the show for Chelsea. John Obi Mikel is doing his job as a defensive midfielder but he wasn't getting stuck-in during the game. I myself is not a huge fan of Ramires, and I believe he should be on the bench or in other lower league teams. He is just a lightweight midfielder with a little Brazilian flair. That's all. Torres, struggling for goals as usual. Enough said. Sturridge was working his socks off for the team, I see a young a upcoming striker contenting for the Top Scorer in the next few years in the English Premier League. Mata continues his consistent form playing well for Chelsea. Romelu Lukaku = Flop. Keep him in the Reserves until he is ready, if he ever will be. A giant with no skill, no speed, no sense of football. Come back in a few years time young lad. Next Drogba? hmmmm...

So despite having all the statistics going for Chelsea, they still lose to Arsenal at Stamford Bridge. Neither teams look to have the quality that Manchester City had. Even Liverpool were having positive signs now. Will Chelsea hold on and continue to challenge for Top 4? Will Arsenal continue winning if Van Persie gets injured?

Watch all the Goals and Highlights here!

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