Saturday, October 8, 2011

Montenegro 2 - 2 England

The result was pretty way off from my prediction. I did not expect Phil Jones to appear on the right back position because it's not his natural position. But I'm not Fabio Capello, so we'll leave the team selection to him.

England pretty much controlled most of the possession of the game, and from my point of view, Darren Bent was pretty much a spectator in the game. Only when he pops up to score the 2nd goal for England then I realise he was there. He was pretty much quiet for the whole game.

For the Rooney's red card, it was totally unnecessary to vent his frustration. Maybe the stress from his dad's involvement with a illegal betting scam in Scotland showed a little. The game changed when Bent was replaced by Frank Lampard with a 4-5-1 formation. It show weakness and trying to protect the lead. This might prompt Montenegro to attack more in front of their home crowd.

As i do not watch Italian Serie A, I am particularly impressed with Mirko Vucinic with his amazing footwork. He dribbled past England's defence as if they weren't there. With each failed attack, it boosted the morale of the Montenegro. Before the equalizer, there was a penalty appeal where Gary Cahill apparantly nudged a Montenegro player. At that point, it seems that a goal is inevitable.

Anyway, a strong showing by Montenegro and like I said in my previous post, draw is sufficient for England to secure a berth in the Euro Championship. Good luck to England in the Euro 2012!

Image by: Michael Regan

My next English Premier League Preview will be Liverpool V Manchester United. Stay tune as I will post a few days earlier.
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