Monday, October 24, 2011

Manchester United 1 - 6 Manchester City

How disappointing for a being a United fan. But no one can deny that City were the better team.
United had no fighting spirit, no energy, no winning mentality, or simply out-played, out-classed.

From my point of view, Manchester United looked so haggard. Ferdinand and Evans were merely spectators for whole game(Evan for half the game). Has Ferdinand passed his peak? It does seem so to me. While Phil Jones is doing pretty well in the centreback position, why does Fergie change him into an defensive midfielder? Nani, a winger, suppose to take on defenders and send the crosses, but he simply lack the creativity and touches to beat his man. I don't remember seeing him beating any City players down the wing. Evra seems a bit out of sort the last few games after receiving the armband. Anderson is pretty much a lightweight midfielder compared to any other Premier League team.Lastly, De Gea still have a lot to learn. Smalling, Ashley Young, Welbeck and Rooney are only those I watch willing to fight for the win.

On the other hand, City were a different side. Showing composure, mobility, playing as a team. Joe hart didn't have much action today. Beside from Fletcher's goal, the other shots were all aimed directly at him. Lescott and Kompany were holding their line firmly, Richards and Clichy were defending and helping out in attack at times. Barry, Yaya Toure and James Milner were simply too much for Anderson and Carrick to handle. And the strike force of Silva, Aguero and Balotelli. I am very impressed with the skills of Silva. The way he dribbled would strike fear in any teams. They were already 0-3 up and Nasri was not even introduced yet.

To sum it up, Manchester City would definitely be a force to be reckon with unless the other Premiership teams can do a miracle in stopping them. At the current form they are playing, it looks like they will start to run away from the pack. But remember, it's only 9 games into the season. 

The real question is 
'Can Manchester City maintain their form throughout the season?' 

The next preview will be on Chelsea V Arsenal on 29 October 2011, Stamford Bridge

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